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Get maximum beauty at exceptional value with our hardwood floors

From installation to finishing, Derksen Floors is ready to help you get the hardwood floor of your dreams. If you're looking for durable new floors that are both elegant and easy to maintain, contact us today.

Add value to your home with our solid 3/4 inch hardwood floors. When you're looking for a floor that conveys a sense of luxury and durability, look no further than our high-quality options. You'll make a beautiful first impression and have floors that are easy to maintain.

The benefits of hardwood floor

• Environmentally responsible

• Less allergen than carpet

• Require minimum care

• Add value to your property

• Variety of styles

• Excellent value

• Durable flooring option

• Warrantied work

Floors to last for a lifetime

At Derksen Floors, we stand behind our work. Before we send you a bill we will walk through the home with you to ensure that you're satisfied with the results.


Our floors are not only durable and made to last, but they're easy to maintain and competitively priced.

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